At 6’7, Micah Phelan has a very active lifestyle. From surfing and kickboxing to yoga and Jiu-Jitsu he’s always working out. As a result, he has sustained his fair share of injuries including both of his knees, shoulders and lower back. In order to maintain a higher level of activity, he has learned the importance of mobility and recovery and has tried several different methods to help with his recovery. These methods include chiropractic therapy, acupuncture and deep tissue massage so it was a natural progression for him to try cryotherapy.

Read about his experience here:
“When I walked into OC CryoSport, I was immediately greeted by the owner and manager, Spencer, who was friendly and knowledgeable about cryotherapy and it’s associated benefits. The entire facility was exceptionally clean.  After completing the necessary paperwork, along with a simple Q&A and a quick change of attire, I walked into the cryotherapy unit.  My first cryotherapy session consisted of -140 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 minutes.  When I stepped out of the cryotherapy unit my shoulders, my back, and my knees felt rejuvenated and alive! Needless to say, my first cryotherapy session felt really good. I decided to sign up for a month membership so that I can experience the long term benefits of cryotherapy.”

If you’re like Micah and want to decrease muscle soreness, speed recovery and improve your immune system, book your appointment today!