“I had a friend tell me about Cryotherapy and how it helped her lactic acid build up after a workout. I decided to research the method and was skeptic, but have heard how Cryotherapy treatments began with extreme athletics and is also used with arthritic patients. I decided after a week of workouts and golfing four days in a row, my lower back was tight and painful; I needed relief! I also suffer with psoriasis arthritis.

WOW! It was like a 3 minute arctic blast! Refreshing, invigorating and walking away pain free! Spencer, the owner stays with you the entire time outside the chamber, monitoring the temperature, which was a relief, I was nervous because I don’t like cold and the chamber can get to -130 Fahrenheit! Spencer talks you through it and in the end hands you a warm robe to put on. His facility is clean, cute and gives you the socks and booties to put on as well as ski gloves so your end extremities stay warm.

I have done it three times this week and can’t believe the relief I have from inflammation in my body. I ‘m a believer and will continue the treatment to become the best I can be! Thanks Spencer for a great experience……..see you soon!”
Rae Pirrello, MSED LHHS


“I’m Joe Bonilla, a high school football player who will be playing in college, and I just want to say that OC Cryosport is by far the best place I have ever been to for cryotherapy. The business itself is in pristine condition and always looks nice and welcoming. The hospitality from Spencer is second to none. To top it off, the machine is the best and coldest I have ever stepped foot in without a doubt and has given me the best results! I will be visiting there again very frequently from now on.”
Joe Bonilla, Orange County