CryotherapyCryotherapy could be compared to an extreme version of ice baths athletes sometimes use to promote muscle recovery. Ice baths are much more time consuming than cryotherapy, which is much colder and only requires two or three minutes in a cryogenic chamber. Athletes have been adopting cryotherapy in hopes that it would help them recover from strenuous workouts more rapidly. The NBA franchise is just one of many teams that use cryotherapy to keep its star players performing well. The team has two of its own machines.

A growing number of elite soccer players, rugby teams, professional cyclists and track and field athletes in the United States and Europe have turned to whole body cryotherapy. Boxer, Floyd Mayweather dipped his body in a cryogenic chamber for three minutes to speed up his body’s recovery time ahead of his fight with Manny Pacquiao. Real Madrid C.F. player Cristiano Ronaldo is a huge fan of the treatment, and purchased a machine of his own to avoid having to schedule appointments. Several members of the Dallas Mavericks credit this year’s NBA Championship win in part to their cryotherapy treatments.

Cryotherapy has also become popular among musicians and actors including Lindsay Lohan, Minka Kelly and Mandy Moore. Daniel Craig is said to have used cryotherapy to maintain his physique for his role as James Bond in “Skyfall”. Mark Ballas and Derek Hough from Dancing with the Stars also use the treatment and share photos of themselves at their cryotherapy sessions on Instagram.

Whole Body Cryotherapy, which is what we offer at OC Cryosport, benefits people from all walks of life. There exists tons of clinical research and countless user experiences that detail the health benefits of whole body cryotherapy. What used to be only embraced by top athletes to heal and rejuvenate is now available to the masses – it’s affordable and it can greatly improve one’s day-to-day physical and mental wellbeing. Cryotherapy decreases muscle soreness, speeds recovery, and improves your immune system – and those are just a few of the invaluable results. Try it for yourself!

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